Luisabel was incredible! A friend of Joha's, she had never done any form of modelling before. She took to it like a duck to water! I ended up shooting her 4 times, including an incredible finale wth Joha, and I have a feeling there will be a lot more.
2024-04-29 -
2024-04-29 - "Tied To A Wheel"
Luisabel is restrained, in more than one way, against the wheel :) Art Nude
2024-03-25- "Tied And Cucumbered"
Only Luisabel is tied, but they both get cucumbered... at the same time! Explicit
2024-02-26 - Video:
2024-02-26 - Video: "At The Wheel"
There were several cartwheels around the garden, so I tied Luisabel to one of them :) Explicit
2024-01-29 - Video:
2024-01-29 - Video: "Bottom Treatment"
We both get to give Luisabel's bottom the treatment here, but mostly Joha :) Explicit
2023-12-25 - Video:
2023-12-25 - Video: "Spanked And Fingered"
A nice lot of spanking, and even more fingering! Explicit
2023-09-25 - Video:
2023-09-25 - Video: "Ganged Up On"
We both ganged up on Luisabel's bottom in this one! Explicit
2023-08-28 - Video:
2023-08-28 - Video: "Better Things To Do"
I tied Luisabel up, she was supposed to look like she was trapped, but she had better things to do! Explicit
2023-06-26 -
2023-06-26 - "Teased Bottom"
I teased Luisabel a lot here, and not just her bottom! Art nude
2023-05-29 - Video:
2023-05-29 - Video: "Tied To The Tree"
Here we have Luisabel dangling from a tree, and being rather restrained, in more than one way :) Art nude
2023-04-24 - Video:
2023-04-24 - Video: "Well Spanked"
We ensured Luisabel had a lot of fun while tied up :) Explicit
2023-03-27 - Video:
2023-03-27 - Video: "Naughty Girl In Rope"
There is rope all over the place, and Luisabel gets to be very naughty :) B/G
2023-02-27 -
2023-02-27 - "Out Of Control"
Luisabel was supposed to be posing with the ropes here but it got well out of control as she played with herself! Explicit.