Louisa Lu

Now here's a pretty girl! I shot Louisa in a hotel in Kensington. Annoyingly there was really loud traffic so I had to put music on all the videos, and it had cheap flourescent lights which looked OK in real life but caused flickering problems too :( Still, I will see her again!
2024-03-25 - Video:
2024-03-25 - Video: "Rope Dangling"
I've got ropes dangling all over the place here :) Open leg
2022-09-26 -
2022-09-26 - "Tied Splayed"
Louisa is tied to the bed so she can't do much. So I had to! Open leg.
2022-05-30 - Video:
2022-05-30 - Video: "Star Shaped"
I tied Louisa to the corners of the bed, so she can hardly move at all! Open leg
2022-02-28 -
2022-02-28 - "Caged"
Here we have Louisa on top of, and then inside, a very small cage. Open leg.
2021-12-27 -
2021-12-27 - "On The X"
This is one of those things designed to tie a girl to, so I did :) Art nude.
2021-11-29 - Video:
2021-11-29 - Video: "Oops Reflection"
Yes, you can see a bit of me in the window. Doesn't normally happen, and in this case I wasn't visible at the time, I appeared when processing the video. I…
2021-10-25 -
2021-10-25 - "Hung Up"
I managed to tie the rope to a hook in the ceiling, that was all we needed for this set :) Open leg.
2021-08-30 - Video:
2021-08-30 - Video: "In The Cage"
It's a very small cage, in the corner of the studio, so Louisa couldn't do much! Open leg.
2021-07-26 - Video:
2021-07-26 - Video: "Tied Down"
A little bit of Louisa tied town on the bed. Open leg.
2021-06-28 -
2021-06-28 - "Pink Plastic Red Rope"
The plastic outfit almost matches the rope! Open leg.