Liz Rainbow

Liz Rainbow is a well known spanish pornstar, with ever changing hair. She contacted me out of the blue, and we arranged a shoot at my place. I actually saw her in Madrid & Barcelona before that (see the bonus area), and we will definitely do it again.
2024-05-27 -
2024-05-27 - "Double Ended Pink"
A lot of rope and my new pink double dildo :) Explicit
2023-10-30 - Video:
2023-10-30 - Video: "Flopping About"
Liz rolls about in a rather irritated manner while tied up :) Open leg
2023-05-29 -
2023-05-29 - "Painful Pegs"
Pegs are a bit uncomfortable, but they shouldn't be painful. Liz asked me to take them off after the photos as they did hurt a bit. Sorry Liz! Explicit
2022-07-25 -
2022-07-25 - "Tight Boobs"
I tried to tie Liz's boobs really tight here so they would bulge out - unfortunately they are the wrong shape for that! Explicit
2022-04-25 -
2022-04-25 - "Pull The Rope"
Just at the end, I gave the rope a good pull. Maybe I should have done it more! Explicit
2022-03-28 -
2022-03-28 - "Tied To The Bed"
Some more with Liz tied to the bed. Open leg
2019-11-18 -
2019-11-18 - "Monster Grain"
This was one of those sets which really needed to be processed with monster grain. This makes the files huge - I had to reduce the quality or they would ave…
2019-07-22 -
2019-07-22 - "Chuck Her In The Boot"
This was at the suggestion of the owner of the studio. It seemed like fun! Open leg
2019-06-03 -
2019-06-03 - "Hanging By The Fire"
It really was freezing on this location, so I had to keep the fire close to Liz. This time, while she was hanging around, I had to keep it in shot! Art nude