Lily Moonflower

Lily is really cute :) Kayla booked her for a shoot at my place, so of course I shot them both :) With hair & a figure like that, I have to shoot her again!
2022-08-29 -
2022-08-29 - "Around One Ankle"
Lily's pants ended up around one ankle - it would have been far too much aggravation to untie her completely to get them off, and then tie her up again! Art…
2021-09-27 -
2021-09-27 - "Red Excess"
I do tend to go for the dark and grainy look for sets on here, but this time I dialled up the red a lot to show off Lily's hair :) Art nude.
2020-05-25 -
2020-05-25 - "Rope Fun"
A nice bit of fun with the girls, a bit of rope, and some spanking :) Art nude.