Yaha Shikary

Yaha is another of my peruvian alternative models... she has a different look as she is obviously more peruvian and less spanish than most of the girls. I thought she was really cute :)
2023-09-25 -
2023-09-25 - "Yaha, Tied"
This time Yaha is tied up to get her bottom spanked :) Art nude
2023-07-31 -
2023-07-31 - "Red Rope On Yaha"
Now Yaha is tied up with the red rope for Deya :) Open leg
2023-04-24 -
2023-04-24 - "Flogged Bottom"
Yaha gets to use the flogger on Deya's bottom, spanking her too! Art nude
2023-02-27 -
2023-02-27 - "Mass Of Black"
Stockings, rope, and all that hair! Open leg