Tanya Virago

Tanya is an absolutely astonishing model. The markets herself as a MILF, but she's only just that :) Her legs go on forever, she looks amazing, and is unbelievably sexy - as you will see when she makes herself (and others) cum for us!
2020-06-29 -
2020-06-29 - "Long Zip"
A strange zip on the pants! Still, there are plenty of knots :) Open leg.
2020-01-27 - Video:
2020-01-27 - Video: "Red Everywhere"
So, I do this a lot. It doesn't mean I won't do it again! Here's Tanya tied up with the wand taped to her pussy, just the way we like it :) Explicit.
2019-11-25 -
2019-11-25 - "Bite The Rope"
I didn't ask Tanya to bite the rope. She did it by herself, and then she had just enough freedom to use the toy :) Explicit
2019-09-02 -
2019-09-02 - "Elegantly Restrained"
For once we are a little restrained, in both senses... a very elegant set of Tanya :) Open leg