Roze (aka Setina Rose) is insatiable! She shattered Tomoko's record for orgasms on a shoot, clocking it at around 13! A very pretty and horny northern girl, I have plans for her when she comes back ;)
2019-08-05 -
2019-08-05 - "Tied And Wanded"
This time I tied Roze to the bed before using the wand on her. She loves this sort of thing! Explicit.
2019-07-08 -
2019-07-08 - "Dominated In Bed"
Roze is extremely submissive, so being handcuffed in bed she came repeatedly while I used the big white toy on her! Explicit.
2019-05-27 -
2019-05-27 - "Insane Amount Of Cumming"
We finished off another amazing shoot with Roze just lying on the floor while I went at her with the wand in one hand and the camera in the other... she came…
2019-04-29 -
2019-04-29 - "Last Batch Of Lunacy"
We seem to be in the habit of finishing off our shoots with Roze being tied up while I make her cum over and over again. Long may it continue! Explicit.
2019-04-15 - Video:
2019-04-15 - Video: "Bound For Pleasure"
So, I tied Roze up for her own pleasure. Then I had to make her cum with the wand myself - hence the slightly flakey camera work! Explicit
2019-04-01 -
2019-04-01 - "Roo's In Charge"
Roze is naturally submissive. Roo is naturally everything! Anyway, here Roze does exactly what Roo wants :) Explicit.
2019-04-01 -
2019-04-01 - "Restrained"
Mystique has Roze in handcuffs, puts her on the saddle with a big vibrator, and then gets a serious going over with a dildo herself :) Explicit.
2019-04-01 -
2019-04-01 - "Red Tape Failure"
Long story here... the idea was to tie Roze up, tape the vibrator into her, and leave it as long as she could take it... unfortunately we couldn't get the tape…
2019-04-01 -
2019-04-01 - "No Escaping The Wand"
After "Red Tape Failure", Roze said she rather liked the concept, so this time I taped the wand to her. This worked much better, and it all got very intense!…
2019-04-01 -
2019-04-01 - "Double Ended part 2"
Having made Roze cum with her fingers & tongue in part 1, she brings her off several times with the double-ended dildo, before finally putting both ends to use!…
2019-04-01 -
2019-04-01 - "Double Ended part 1"
Mystique takes complete control of handcuffed Roze, makes her cum with her fingers & tongue, and then starts on her with the double-ended dildo. In part 2 she…