Olga Cabaeva

Olga (aka Patrizia Berger) is an experienced russian pornstar, now living in Spain. She contacted me out of the blue (I don't know how she found me) We had a fun shoot, and should meet again next year.
2021-04-26 -
2021-04-26 - "Video: Big Knots"
The knots are very big, and Olga has enough space to play with herself :) Explicit.
2020-04-27 -
2020-04-27 - "Being Tied"
Olga suggested turning this around, and shooting her as I tied her up... and then with the toy :) Explicit
2020-02-24 -
2020-02-24 - "Video: Tangled In Rope"
The ropes aren't too tight, so Olga can still play with herself. She's more tangled really! Explicit
2019-12-02 -
2019-12-02 - "Tied Together"
First I tied Olga's hands together. Then I tied her legs :) Open leg.
2019-07-29 -
2019-07-29 - "Red Rope"
So, I didn't tie Olga up too tightly this time, she wouldn't have been able to use the toy otherwise! Explicit