Nata Ocean

Nata is a quite scarily pretty 19 year old model who I met in Riga. Look at those boobs! I really have to organize another shoot with her.
2020-04-27 -
2020-04-27 - "Hung Up"
This was Nata's turn to get tied up to the ceiling by the wrists. Again, she loved it and I had to take pictures of it on her phone :) Open leg.
2019-09-16 -
2019-09-16 - "Suspended"
Nata loved this! I had to take a load of pictures for her on her phone afterwards :) Open leg.
2019-06-17 -
2019-06-17 - "Whip Play"
Nata plays with the whip for us, in not strictly the normal way :) Explicit.
2019-04-15 -
2019-04-15 - "Tied To The Bed"
We tied Nata to the bed, spread rather wider than normal :) I also got it nice and dark. Open leg.