Kayla Louise

Kayla has been around for a while, and has been on all the top softcore sites. She is sexy, fun, and great company for a shoot - we end up rabbitting too much sometimes!
2021-07-26 - Video:
2021-07-26 - Video: "Look At Our Boots"
This is one of the tease things I shoot occasionally for Kayla. This time I kept the original audio - not really my thing, and very odd to be behind the camera…
2020-07-27 - Video:
2020-07-27 - Video: "Getting Free"
Cherry and Kayla have been left tied up after another set. Now they struggle to get free! Nude
2020-05-25 -
2020-05-25 - "Rope Fun"
A nice bit of fun with the girls, a bit of rope, and some spanking :) Art nude.
2019-12-23 -
2019-12-23 - "Naughty Cherry"
Kayla takes advantage to mistreat Cherry, which both like! Open leg.
2019-11-18 - Video:
2019-11-18 - Video: "Insane Punishment"
A bit of a silly video that we shot for Kayla's own site, and content share... Cherry has been naughty again, and Kayla gets to punish her! Open leg.
2019-09-16 - Video:
2019-09-16 - Video: "Cherry Spanked"
Cherry's bottom is well used to being spanked, so we had to do it too! Nude
2019-04-01 -
2019-04-01 - "What Ritchie Said"
This was the first serious bondage set I have shot, done from a slightly different angle to your regular bondage! As I said on the blog when I shot it, I still…
2019-04-01 -
2019-04-01 - "Non Nude"
The photo set I thought I'd never shoot - the one where she doesn't take her clothes off! The ropes were so sexy I honestly didn't notice until the end! Bear…
2019-04-01 -
2019-04-01 - "It's Complicated"
The bondage guy wanted to try out this complicated arrangement of rope. It took him about 20 minutes - I have to say I don't appreciate the details, but yeah it…