Essie is a rarity, an irish model :) She seems quite new to this but she is hot and she really know what she's doing.
2023-01-30 -
2023-01-30 - "On The Rug"
I had Essie tied and gagged on the floor, but I did free her up enough to use the wand :) Explicit
2022-08-29 - Video:
2022-08-29 - Video: "Rope Glass And PVC"
Rope, glass, PVC, and a very wet pussy! Explicit
2022-06-27 - Video:
2022-06-27 - Video: "Gagged In Black Leather"
I love the light in this one! Straight off the camera :) Essie, gagged,and using the wand. Explicit
2022-05-30 -
2022-05-30 - "Plastic And Rope"
I liked Essie's black plastic dress, it went well with the red rope, and even better with the glass toy :) Explicit