From her portfolio it looked like Edite was quite an inexperienced art nude model. That couldn't be further from the truth! She walked in full of confidence and looked great. I shot her twice in Riga in my week there, and she will be coming to the UK as soon as we can arrange it.
2021-08-30 -
2021-08-30 - "Tied To The Sofa"
I tied Edite to the sofa, just loose enough that she could play wth herself. Explicit.
2020-12-28 - Video:
2020-12-28 - Video: "Red Rope"
Edite is tied up, but she's allowed to stroke herself :) Explicit
2020-10-26 -
2020-10-26 - "Star Shaped"
Edite is tied right across the bed, which means she can't move a lot. So I did! Open leg.
2020-09-29 - Video:
2020-09-29 - Video: "Tied And Touched"
I started off running my fingers over Edite's legs and arms, but she soon made it clear she wanted something more! Explicit.
2020-08-31 - Video:
2020-08-31 - Video: "First Contact"
I had to touch Edite quite a lot to move the dress. Otherwise we'd never have seen much! Art Nude
2020-07-27 -
2020-07-27 - "Hanging Around"
The ropes are tied to convenient metal rings in the ceiling. I had to move her dress around :) Art nude