Denali Dink Lu

Denali is a delightfully girly and very naughty black model. She lives a long way from me, but travelled down just to see me :) I'll go up there next time.
2021-10-25 - Video:
2021-10-25 - Video: "Tied To Cum"
I got to give Denali a good going over with the wand while she was tied up. Proper fun! Explicit
2021-07-26 -
2021-07-26 - "Spread Out"
I spread Denali across the bed and then went after her with her wand :) Explicit
2021-05-31 - Video:
2021-05-31 - Video: "Lot Of Red Rope"
A lot of red rope, and a lot of spanking. That's all we need :) Art nude
2021-03-29 - Video:
2021-03-29 - Video: "Cum Covered Face"
Denali ends up well doused here. After, of course, we've tied her up and added the nipple clamps :) B/G
2021-01-25 -
2021-01-25 - "Clamped And Tied"
We tied Denali up and put some clamps on her nipples. Then, when a girl is tied up, she has to suck some cock, doesn't she? B/G