Artcore's Cellar Model Directory

Almost all of the models on Artcore's Cellar are also on Artcore's Cafe and/or Kitchen :)


Abigail is the closest model to me, barely a short bus ride away! When I saw how naughty she was, I had to promise to shoot her again.

Amelie Dot

Amelie is an alternative Latvian model, a friend of Kittie. She was on my list for ages, both times I visited Riga she was travelling. She came to London and short notice, so we had a quick shoot even though my main camera was away being repaired. I hope we will do it again, and take more time, with a better camera next time!


Angelina is a fun Latvian model I met on my last trip to Riga. I didn't recognise her at the start as the photos I had seen of her had red hair. Oh well, she still looked great :)


Babe, aka XXXBabe69XXX (at least, that's what she wrote on the paperwork, but I can't pronounce that!), is a real rarity. An Indian nude model :) And she's covered in tattoos! She was a lot of fun, and I have to shoot her again :)

Blue Lah

Blue was spectacular! Beautiful and incredibly sexy. We started with a "socially distanced" shoot at the end of the Corona lock-down, which presented it's own difficulties. She soon came back to shoot for this place :)


Casey, aka Elza Alisha, broke some sort of record. She travelled 750km to see me! Just me... I met her in Riga, the agent said that was where she came from. In fact she came from St Peterburg on a bus! Well, we made best use of our time :)

Charlie Ten

Charlie seems to be a right wild one! A fun, bright, and very naughty model. It took us a while to get a shoot together, and I hope we manage to do it gain :)

Cherry English

Cherry has become a bit of a modelling legend, even though she's only been modelling for a few months. You can see why! Amazingly, she is moving very close to me, so I have a feeling I'll be shooting her a lot!


From her portfolio it looked like Edite was quite an inexperienced art nude model. That couldn't be further from the truth! She walked in full of confidence and looked great. I shot her twice in Riga in my week there, and she will be coming to the UK as soon as we can arrange it.

Fizza Hassella

Fizza calls herself a "Persian princess", which I'd agree with. She also started modelling as a turn on for herself and to provide naughty pictures for her boyfriend - I'd go along with that too!

Haphazard Kittie

Kittie, aka Alice Crowley (AliceCrowley) or Wonderdust Supertramp is a lovely Latvian model who used to live in London, and still visits frequently. I shot her with our mutual friend Alison Wonderland, one of my favourite shoots :) Then she came back a year later with dramatically different hair, and I have since visited her Riga!

Jess Harrington

Jess is quite new to modelling, she is more of a dancer really, but she really threw herself into it for me! Really fun, incredibly horny, and great looking. Of course she'll be back!


Joha is a beautiful venezuelan girl, who I came across in Lima. She is very smart, and has done some spectacular fashion modelling - now here she is, for us!

Kat Lilley

Kat is a very smart an interesting girl. She is big into bdsm, which isn't really my thing, but we have have found some interests in common. She can be very submissive, and very sexy!

Kayla Louise

Kayla has been around for a while, and has been on all the top softcore sites. She is sexy, fun, and great company for a shoot - we end up rabbitting too much sometimes!

Laima Irbis

Laima is a very experienced Russian model, who has been all over the world. She is currently based in Riga. I shot her entirely in the dungeon, but not all in a dungeon like way!

Lily Moonflower

Lily is really cute :) Kayla booked her for a shoot at my place, so of course I shot them both :) With hair & a figure like that, I have to shoot her again!

Liz Rainbow

Liz Rainbow is a well known spanish pornstar, with ever changing hair. She contacted me out of the blue, and we arranged a shoot at my place. I actually saw her in Madrid & Barcelona before that (see the bonus area), and we will definitely do it again.

Marina Markova

Marina, aka Masha Mitten, is a wild russian model who recently started working in London.We had a lot of fun on our shoot, we'll do it again next year :)


Molly is an incredibly naughty MILF with a great figure who now lives near me. We had to have a shoot, and we will again :)

Montse Swinger

Montse is a full-on Spanish MILF who is normally seen being very naughty indeed :) We had a quick shoot one evening when she was passing through London.


Mystique, aka Mistique is an actual genuine Transylvanian! In addition to being 5ft 11in tall with red hair - a pretty scary combination :) An extraordinary model and a lot of fun.

Nata Ocean

Nata is a quite scarily pretty 19 year old model who I met in Riga. Look at those boobs! I really have to organize another shoot with her.

Nicole Vice

Nicole is a bright, busty czech pornstar who I met in Prague. We have since shot in London & again in Prague.

Olga Cabaeva

Olga (aka Patrizia Berger) is an experienced russian pornstar, now living in Spain. She contacted me out of the blue (I don't know how she found me) We had a fun shoot, and should meet again next year.


Pandora is another of my magic MILFs :) And a very naughty one, particularly with her driver! We ad a very entertaining shoot, and I hope we will do it again,


Raisa, aka Lena Raz, was nice! She was a very good model from Riga, and she had more fun than she'd ever had before when I gave her the wand to use :) I couldn't get it off her! Due to a mix up, we did the entire shoot in the dungeon.

Roo Morgue

Roo is another alternative model, and a really sexy one! She is a great friend of Roze, and they had a lot of fun together.


Roze (aka Setina Rose) is insatiable! She shattered Tomoko's record for orgasms on a shoot, clocking it at around 13! A very pretty and horny northern girl, I have plans for her when she comes back ;)

Tammy Claire

I had a very short notice and somewhat confusing shot with Tammy. She drove a long way to see me in the end... She has some terrific tattoos!

Tanya Virago

Tanya is an absolutely astonishing model. The markets herself as a MILF, but she's only just that :) Her legs go on forever, she looks amazing, and is unbelievably sexy - as you will see when she makes herself (and others) cum for us!


Tomoko is simply amazing. I did a shoot with her where she had 8 orgasms! All sopping wet, and obviously real. At one point she was lying on a chair, covered in her own cum, in a pool of it, with her pussy just pulsing. I've never seen anything so utterly desirable. And still she wanted more!


Zokka is another from my secret supply of Serbian models :) Very much on the alternative end of the business, this was accentuated by the location we shot in :)